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Hailing from the vibrant arts scene of Melbourne, Maddy stands out as one of Australia's most dynamic and versatile performers. With a diverse skill set encompassing acting, presenting, voice-over artistry, and writing, Maddy's impressive list of accomplishments continues to evolve.

Her on-screen journey includes captivating performances in a multitude of Australian TV series, short films, and features, such as memorable roles in Border Protection Squad, Neighbours, Back In Very Small Business, and City Homicide. However, it is her supporting lead portrayal as Amanda Tucci in the beloved children's TV series, The Elephant Princess, that has earned her widespread recognition. Broadcast in over 35 countries, including national platforms like Network 10, The Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon, the show secured the 2009 AFI award for the Best Children's Television Drama. In 2019, Maddy and her husband, Jimmy, showcased their creativity on the AACTA award-winning Channel Nine reality TV series, Lego Masters.

Beyond the spotlight, Maddy has ventured into the realm of literature as a published author. Her debut children's picture story book, When Anna Came To Stay, delves into the sensitive topic of eating disorders for a younger audience. Illustrated by the talented Siobhan Skipworth and published by Interactive Publishing, the book not only provides young readers with insight into the family dynamics surrounding eating disorders but also emphasises the importance of family support during the healing process. Available for purchase both in Australia and internationally, Maddy's writing reflects her commitment to addressing crucial issues with grace and compassion.


A dedicated and passionate artist, Maddy constantly refines her craft through regular studies at the esteemed Howard Fine Acting Studio and Brave. Complementing her training are collaborations with internationally acclaimed dialect coach Anna McCrossin-Owen and Los Angeles-based acting coach and mentor, Jeff Seymour. Maddy is proudly represented by John and Wendy Powell at Active Artists Management, a testament to her talent and the respect she commands in the entertainment industry. With each project, Maddy continues to weave her creative tapestry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of performing arts.




John & Wendy Powell
Active Artists Management
43 / 38 Manchester Lane
Ph: 61 3 8669 0980
LA: 310 736 4185


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