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Maddys debut picture book, When Anna Came To Stay, delves into the sensitive topic of eating disorders for a younger audience. Illustrated by the talented Siobhan Skipworth and published by Interactive Publishing, the book not only provides young readers with insight into the family dynamics surrounding eating disorders but also emphasises the importance of family support during the healing process. Available for purchase both in Australia and internationally, Maddy’s writing reflects her commitment to addressing crucial issues with grace and compassion.


In conjunction with her book, Maddy runs speaker sessions and workshops for school kids (preps to grade 6) with the amazing Lamont Authors and Australia Reads. Her aim for these workshops is to spark important conversations about these difficult topics amongst young people, their families and educators and begin to cultivate skills that will boost self esteem in the younger generation.

To enquire about bookings through Lamont Authors and Australia Reads, click on the links below.

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