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May is a carefree girl who likes nothing better than singing along to the Spice Girls, roller blading and eating cheese on toast with her friends. But then May’s family moves to a new town and May’s world is turned upside down.

Out of the blue, an imaginary friend Anna comes along to help May out of her predicament, but Anna’s ‘solutions’ only isolate May from her family and lead her into unhealthy habits.

Author Maddy Tyers knows only too well the pressures faced by children who become overly concerned about their body image and how they are regarded by their peers. Her story encourages children to feel positive about their body image and to accept the love and support offered them by understanding family and friends in times of crisis.

The Butterfly Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children overcome eating disorders, is very supportive of the lessons to be gained from this important book.

Highly recommended for parents, teachers and health professionals.

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